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December 2020 Newsletter

Tue, 01/19/2021 - 00:00

From Our Executive Director: The Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Commission has completed the high-hazard upgrade of Richland Creek Watershed Dam 2A. This flood control structure was originally constructed in 1983 as a low-hazard dam.

Due to development that has taken place below the dam, the structure was reclassified as a high-hazard dam, meaning that a failure of the dam could result in the loss of life and/or property. Through an agreement with NRCS and with assistance of the MSWCC Watershed Rehabilitation cost-share program, the dam has been reconstructed with a new principal spillway riser, a widened auxiliary spillway and new outlet protection.

“MSWCC is proud to have worked with NRCS and the local watershed district to complete this much-needed project that will provide additional flood protection downstream of the structure for many years to come,” Mark Gilbert, MSWCC Executive Director said.

The project took 19 months to complete at a cost of $882,576.52.

Rehabilitation Details: The top of the dam was raised four feet, the auxiliary spillway was widened by 100 feet, a new outlet channel and impact basins were constructed, and a chimney drain was added to the dam.

MSWCC December 2020 Newsletter




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