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​​The MSWCC is required by the rules and regulations of the Mississippi Surface Mining Law to review, in conjunction with the 82 Soil & Water Conservation Districts, all Surface Mining Applications and make recommendations as to the reclamation portions of these applications. The Commission also reviews all requests of bond releases after reclamation has been completed.

The overall objective of this program is to review applications for surface mining permits as they pertain to soil and water conservation practices in an effort to reduce sediment pollution from surface mining activities in accordance with the Mississippi Surface Mining and Reclamation Act.

 Guidance and assistance is provided by the MSWCC Staff to soil and water conservation districts in the review and recommendation process on all surface mining reclamation plans and requests of bond release.


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A filing system is maintained containing copies of all applications, reclamation plans and correspondence from districts and Office of Geology as it pertains to the surface mine permit review program.​