The quality and quantity of leadership provided by the Soil and Water Conservation District commissioners determines the success of the districts in developing and implementing an effective soil and water conservation program. The Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Commission (Commission) recognizes that the election and appointment of district commissioners is extremely important.

The Soil and Water Conservation District Law states:

   "... The Commission shall pay all the expenses of such elections; shall supervise conduct thereof; shall prescribe regulations governing the conduct of such elections and the determination of the eligibility of voters therein; and shall publish the results of same ..."

In order to most effectively carry out these duties, the Commission recognizes that the local district commissioners and their employees can provide a most valuable service, even though they do not have any legal authority or responsibility.

The Commission will depend upon the district commissioners to provide assistance in carrying out the election and appointment of district commissioners. This assistance will help to assure that all elections and appointments are handled in accordance with the law, as well as with the policies of the Commission, and also help to recruit qualified individuals to serve as district commissioners.

The Commission office has qualified employees who will provide guidance and assistance to districts in the election and appointment of district commissioners.