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​​The purpose of the Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Commission’s (MSWCC) 319 Program is to assist landowner/operators with the installation of Best Management Practices on agricultural lands and inform/educate individuals about nonpoint source pollution in selected watersheds across Mississippi that are considered to be impaired.
Funding for the program is authorized by Congress through Section 319 of the Federal Clean Water Act. The Act provides funding to the Environmental Protection Agency, with funds distributed to the state’s water quality agencies to address nonpoint sources of pollution.

 In Mississippi, the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) is the lead agency for the development and implementation of the 319 Program.

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The MSWCC has been designated at the lead agency for agricultural non-point source pollution. Through agreements with MDEQ, the MSWCC implements information/education projects and land treatment cost-share projects across the State.
Funds for 319 projects are used to pay for up to 60 percent of project costs with a 40 percent match being required. Landowner participation in the program is 100 percent voluntary. 

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