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The Soil & Water Conservation District Law confers these duties and powers upon the MSWCC:

  • To offer such assistance as may be appropriate to Soil and Water Conservation Districts, or SWCD Commissioners.
  • To keep the commissioners of each of the several districts organized and informed of the activities and experiences of all other districts.
  • To coordinate the programs of the SWCDs.
  • To disseminate information throughout the state concerning the activities and programs of the SWCDs.
  • To give guidance and overall supervision to the SWCDs when assistance is requested or acceptable.

The most important and time-consuming program of the Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Commission, or MSWCC, is providing assistance to the 82 SWCDs. This consists primarily of training district commissioners and district employees on their duties and responsibilities and providing assistance to districts in carrying out their SWCD programs.

Commission staff are called upon by SWCDs to provide guidance, expertise and assistance in carrying out programs. Such assistance includes working with annual plans of work, financial assistance, budgeting, personnel, purchasing, equipment, surface mines, election and appointment of commissioners, orientation of new commissioners and employees, information/ education activities and training on specific programs.​

Orientation Manual for Districts & Commissioners:​​

Basic information about Soil and Water Conservation Districts, their responsibilities and method of operating a district can be found in the Orientation Manual. Other detailed information, including financial report requirements and election criteria, can be found in the Commissioners' Handbook.​