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MSWCC offers education and training throughout the State

The Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Commission is available to conduct educational programs and training in your districts.

During fiscal year 2019, Commission staff assisted with 210 field days, workshops, seminars and assorted education and conservation activities, reaching 44,357 participants. We provided training to 676 district commissioners, deputy commissioners and district employees, and participated in 206 commissioner meetings.

Our staff is available to assist you in these activities and more. Our educational programs include:

  • Sam E. Soil: a walking, talking soil sample that teaches students the importance of soil and conservation;

    Sam E. SoilSam E. Soil Tour 

    Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Commission's (MSWCC) Sam E. Soil is a walking soil sample that teaches students the importance of soil and conservation.
    He displays grass, vegetables and fruits that grow above-ground on his top-soil "head," with root vegetables and roots visible underneath his top-soil layer.
    Sam E. Soil is an early way to teach young conservationists the importance of conserving, protecting and nourishing our soil; lessons they can take to their own back yards, gardens, farms and everywhere. 

  • The Soil Tunnel: a 16-feet x 16-feet x 10-feet high inflatable educational aid, which can be reserved through Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Commission and your local SWCD, and set up on-site by MSWCC personnel

    Photo of the soil tunnel

       Visitors to the Soil Tunnel have the opportunity to:

  • View the world under the top soil by walking inside of the tunnel;
  • See where organisms such as bacteria and fungi thrive;
  • Visit the homes of earth-dwelling creatures such as worms and moles.
  • Visual images on the outside of the tunnel explain:

  • Functions of Soil
  • Urban Soil Profile
  • Agriculture Soil Profile
  • Forest Soil Profile
  • Wetlands Soil Profile, and
  • Storm Water Pollution and Prevention.
  • Concepts explained include: soil layers, drainage and function; storm water pollution prevention; the impact of land use on soil, soil organisms and conservation.

  • The Enviroscape: available for urban agricultural and coastal environments, The Enviroscape explains soil layers, drainage, storm water runoff, nonpoint source, or NPS pollution and prevention; and the impact of land use on soil, soil organisms and conservation;
  • The Incredible Journey: brings the water cycle to life, with students representing water molecules and traveling to nine different stations in the environment.


Franklin County Arbor Day Event Field Rep Lauren Wilson planting a tree at a Franklin County Arbor Day event.
Harrison County Field Day Field Rep. Lance Middleton demonstrates the Enviroscape at a Field Day in Harrison County.

To schedule a Commission representative to speak or present at your event, please contact the MSWCC Field Representative in your area.

To schedule Sam E. Soil and/or the soil tunnel to visit your local Soil and Water Conservation District, please call MSWCC Education Specialist Chelsey Gazaway at (662) 647-8847, ext. 103, or MSWCC at (601) 354-7645.