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Revolving Loan Fund vs. Education Enhancement Program:

At MSWCC, we offer two distinct opportunities for districts to bolster their conservation efforts: the Revolving Loan Fund and the Education Enhancement Program. These programs cater to different aspects of conservation equipment procurement and financing.

Revolving Loan Fund (RLF):

The Revolving Loan Fund presents a financing solution for districts looking to acquire conservation equipment that can be subsequently rented to landowners within their jurisdiction. Under this scheme, MSWCC takes charge of procuring the equipment and extends financing options for a five-year period with a modest 3.5% interest rate. Repayments are scheduled semi-annually.

Education Enhancement Program (EEP):

In conjunction with the RLF, the Education Enhancement Program serves to complement your district's conservation initiatives. Through the EEP, MSWCC allocates $75,000, which is appropriated from the legislature via the Mississippi Department of Education, to support your conservation endeavors. With this financial boost, MSWCC is able to facilitate the purchase of up to $150,000 worth of equipment for your district each year.

The process is straightforward. Districts simply submit a formal request specifying the type of equipment they wish to acquire. Once received, we obtain price quotes and handle the equipment procurement, ensuring its delivery to the district's specified location. Commonly acquired equipment includes Litter/Lime Spreaders, Lime/Fertilizer Spreaders, and No-till Drills.

Subsequently, districts can lease this equipment to landowners within the county, thereby expanding the reach and impact of their conservation efforts.

In summary, the Revolving Loan Fund offers financing for equipment acquisition, while the Education Enhancement Program provides financial support for such purchases, creating a synergistic approach to advancing conservation in your district.