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Surface Mining

Surface Mining refers to the process of removing the top layer of soil or rock to access valuable minerals beneath the surface. In Mississippi, this practice is crucial because it allows us to obtain essential materials like sand, gravel, clay, bentonite, chalk, and limestone, which are essential for various construction and infrastructure projects.


The execution and completion of Surface Mining involve several parties:

  1. The applicant

  2. The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MS DEQ)

  3. The Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Commission

  4. The Soil and Water District in the county where the mine is located

These entities collectively review permit applications and provide recommendations, especially concerning the reclamation aspect of the mining process.


When is the Process for mining done?

The timing for commencing Surface Mining largely depends on the specific needs of construction or development projects. There isn't a strict time frame or specific date for starting mining operations. However, once the mining area has been depleted of its resources, it is essential to initiate reclamation efforts promptly.

Visit the Geology Department for more information.